Our mission: to provide qualified, competitive resources for the whole world.

Whether you need turn-key project, flexible contracting or consulting, we offer the expertise and flexibility to serve you:

Our Services

>Real competitiveness

>Speed : set-up in less than a week (for <10 people)

>Ultra-flexibility : one-off assignments, ultra-specific expertise, on a contract or fixed-price basis.

>Transparency and fluidity : relations with your teams are essentially in English and/or French. Regular status updates (at least once a week… to be adjusted according to your needs).

>Quality/Compliance Guarantee : we formally check the performance of our solutions with you. ISO9001 standard and dedicated quality team.

>Unique skills at your fingertips : the advantages of the world’s largest brain economy powered by an international management. Get access to the best experts: architects, data-science, AI, blockchains, metaverse… 


Focus on what's essential: your business

>No more recruitment costs and resources on your side : we take charge of team selection, which you validate, on the basis of formatted CVs.

>Speed and fluidity : a team can be set up in less than a week.

>No casting errors : every professional has been rigorously vetted. No risk to expertise, skills or understanding.

>Ultra-flexibility : we’ll do the best set-up, according to your exact needs.