Setting up a portal for SOAN – the online billing application


Successful delivery of the SOAN web-based billing application


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The SOAN project involved the development and implementation of a web-based billing application for a company specializing in supply chain management.

The goal was to create an efficient and user-friendly system that would streamline the billing process, enhance customer-supplier interactions, and automate payments.

This case study highlights the successful delivery of the SOAN project, meeting all project milestones, and achieving the desired quality within the specified timeframe.

01 Project scope

Client: Soan   Project Name: SOAN Web-Based Billing Application

  1. Customer Dashboard: The application provided customers with a personalized dashboard where they could access their billing history, view invoices and estimates, and manage payment options.
  2. Invoice and Estimate Creation: The system allowed customers to create and customize invoices and estimates based on their specific requirements. It included features such as itemized billing, tax calculations, and support for multiple currencies.
  3. Supplier Integration: SOAN facilitated seamless communication between customers and suppliers. It enabled customers to send invoices and estimates directly to suppliers and receive responses in real-time, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.
  4. Auto-Payment Functionality: The application incorporated an auto-payment feature, allowing customers to set up automatic payment schedules based on predetermined criteria. This automation reduced manual effort, improved accuracy, and ensured timely payments.

02 Project execution

  1. The project followed a well-defined execution plan, comprising the following key stages:

    1. Requirements Gathering: The project team conducted comprehensive discussions with the client to understand their specific billing needs, user expectations, and business goals. Detailed documentation was prepared to establish a clear roadmap for development.
    1. Design and Development: Based on the gathered requirements, the development team designed an intuitive user interface and developed the application using modern web technologies. Regular feedback loops were established with the client to ensure alignment with their vision and incorporate any necessary changes.
    1. Testing and Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing procedures were implemented to ensure the application’s reliability, security, and performance. Functional, integration, and user acceptance testing were carried out to identify and rectify any defects or inconsistencies.
    1. Deployment and Training: The application was deployed on a secure web server, and training sessions were conducted to familiarize users with the system’s features and functionalities. User manuals and support documentation were provided to assist users in navigating the application effectively.

03 Project outcome

The SOAN project was completed successfully, meeting all project objectives within the agreed timeline. The application’s main features, including the customer dashboard, invoice and estimate creation, and auto-payment functionality, were implemented seamlessly. Key outcomes and benefits achieved include:

The SOAN application significantly reduced the time and effort required for billing, ensuring accuracy and minimizing errors through automation

The integration of customers and suppliers within a centralized platform improved communication, resulting in faster response times and improved collaboration.

The auto-payment feature eliminated manual intervention in payment processes, resulting in timely payments and improved financial management

The application’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface allowed users to navigate and perform tasks effortlessly, enhancing overall user experience.

Streamlined Billing Process: The SOAN application significantly reduced the time and effort required for billing, ensuring accuracy and minimizing errors through automation.

04 Conclusion

  1. The successful delivery of the SOAN web-based billing application exemplifies the effective execution of a complex project.

  2. The collaborative approach between the development team and the client, along with adherence to project milestones and a focus on quality, contributed to the project’s success.

  3. The SOAN application streamlined billing processes, improved customer-supplier interactions, and automated payments, resulting in increased efficiency and customer satisfaction for the client.