Actimat e-commerce personalization with SalesForce to boost conversion


Enhancing e-commerce efficiency: Personalization Features and Salesforce CRM Integration in PrestaShop

01 Introduction

02 Client Background

03 Project Scope and Goals

04 Solution Implementation

05 Results and Benefits

01 Introduction

  • In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, providing a personalized shopping experience is crucial for customer satisfaction and business success. This case study focuses on a project implemented in the PrestaShop platform, where product personalization features were developed, and the product catalog was synchronized with Salesforce CRM.

  • The objective was to enhance the e-commerce efficiency of a company, streamline customer interactions, and increase sales through tailored product offerings.

02 Client background

The client, ACTIMAT, is a prominent online floor retailer specializing in customizable products. Their diverse product range includes clothing, accessories, and home decor items. With a growing customer base, ACTIMAT sought to leverage technology to improve their online shopping experience and strengthen customer engagement.

03 Project scope and goals

The project aimed to achieve the following objectives:

Implement Product Personalization Features

Develop a robust system that enables customers to personalize products, such as adding names, selecting colors, and uploading images.

Synchronize Product Catalog with Salesforce CRM

Integrate PrestaShop with Salesforce CRM to ensure seamless synchronization of product data, orders, and customer information between the two platforms.

Streamline Order Processing

Automate order fulfillment and streamline the production process to ensure efficient handling of personalized product orders.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Leverage Salesforce CRM’s capabilities to gather customer insights and preferences, enabling targeted marketing campaigns and personalized recommendations.

04 Solution implementation

The project followed a structured implementation process:

The project team, comprising developers, designers, and business analysts, collaborated closely with ACTIMAT to understand their specific needs and expectations. Detailed requirements were documented, and a roadmap was established.

Using PrestaShop as the foundation, the development team built personalized product features, allowing customers to customize various attributes, including text, colors, and images. Simultaneously, they integrated PrestaShop with Salesforce CRM, ensuring seamless synchronization of product data and customer information.

The design team created an intuitive and user-friendly interface, facilitating a smooth and engaging customer experience. Customization options were made easily accessible, enhancing the overall shopping journey.

Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the stability, functionality, and compatibility of the developed features. Various scenarios, including order placement, personalization options, and data synchronization, were thoroughly tested to identify and rectify any potential issues.

After successful testing, the updated PrestaShop platform with personalized product features and Salesforce CRM integration was deployed. Training sessions were conducted for the staff to ensure they were proficient in utilizing the new functionalities

05 Results and benefits

The implementation of the project yielded several positive outcomes:

  • Improved Customer Experience: Customers could now personalize products according to their preferences, resulting in a more engaging and satisfying shopping experience. The ability to add names, upload images, and select colors boosted customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Increased Sales and Conversions: With personalized products available, ACTIMAT witnessed a significant boost in sales and conversions. Customers were more likely to make a purchase when they could tailor products to their liking.Enhanced Customer Engagement: Integration with Salesforce CRM provided valuable insights into customer behavior, enabling ACTIMAT to deliver personalized recommendations and targeted marketing campaigns. This personalized approach further strengthened customer engagement and loyalty.

  • Streamlined Operations: The synchronization between PrestaShop and Salesforce CRM streamlined order processing and reduced manual efforts. The production process for personalized products became more efficient, resulting in faster order fulfillment.

  • Scalability and Future Growth: The implemented solution provided a solid foundation for ACTIMAT’ future growth. The flexibility of PrestaShop and the integration with Salesforce CRM