Code of conduct


Manureva is dedicated to the core values of Transparency, Integrity, respect, and communication. Manureva conducts all business in an ethical manner.

This Code applies to all Manureva product or service suppliers, including consulting firms, independent contractors, staffing agencies, agency temps, and licensees, regardless of their title or the product or service they provide.

All successful business ventures require openness, faith, respect, communication, and ethical behavior. These values serve as the foundation for our Client strong relationship.

We look forward to working with your company in bringing innovative products and services to market.

Your Sincerely,

Damien Berville


Manureva Technology, Assets, and Facilities

Manureva is using a variety of technology and other tools to help to do our jobs effectively. These tools must be used with caution. Manureva is responsible for the security of our clients’ assets. All assets, including funds, data, systems, equipment, materials, premises, and vehicles, should only be used for their authorized and intended purpose. Manureva ensures that customer assets, documents, or other property are not falsified, distorted, misused, improperly accessed, destroyed, or sabotaged. Manureva also ensures to their customers that their computing facilities or data are protected from theft, carelessness, misuse, and exploitation.

Confidential Information Protection

Manureva safeguards the confidential information of its client. Manureva ensures that we will never reveal such information to anyone without permission.

This includes everything listed below:

  • Client business and marketing plans
  • Client intellectual property (trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property) and technical information
  • Client product plans and designs
  • Client business processes
  • Personal employee or contractor information
  • Any data generated by received by Manureva from a third party that contains or is based on confidential information

Manureva Suppliers must also comply with all applicable data privacy and information security laws and regulations.

Manureva must manage the retention, maintenance, access, and disclosure of its client confidential information effectively. This includes securely disposing of confidential or highly sensitive documents, such as shredding. If you are aware of an actual or potential data security breach involving Manureva, you must immediately notify us.

Manureva respect intellectual property rights. For example, Manureva do not obtain, distribute, or use unlicensed copyrighted software or information without proper authorization.

For information on how we use confidential information, consult your internal point of contact.

Antitrust and Competition Laws, Fair Dealing

Manureva is committed to fair competition and adhering to antitrust and competition laws. Manureva never, whether expressly or implicitly, enter into any agreements that violate the letter or spirit of anti-competition laws. Manureva will never discuss the following topics with its client competitors:

  • Costing
  • Splitting potential customer or territories
  • Any other tactic that restricts competition unreasonably.

Additionally, Manureva will never change or draught agreements with its client to conceal or falsify deal terms. If you have any questions about competition law, seek advice from a company resource.

Quality of Products and Services

Manureva products and services meet regulatory quality and safety standards, as well as our internal quality standards, policies, specifications, procedures, and contract requirements.

  • Follow our client established procurement rules and procedures, such as not starting any work without an authorized purchase order; and
  • Perform appropriate due diligence before engaging third parties, such as employees, agents, consultants, suppliers, resellers, or distributors – on our client’s behalf and ensure that they agree to follow similar standards to ours.
  • Do not subcontract work from our client unless we have written permission.


Recognizing Conflicts of Interest

As part of our commitment to transparency, Manureva avoid conflicts of interest.

Some examples of situations that could create conflicts of interest include:

  • Loans or favors received by the Client, a worker, or a family member because of your relationship with Manureva.
  • Improper advantages gained by acting on information obtained through your relationship with Manureva.
  • Manureva-owned business opportunities
  • Suppliers who employ or are controlled by Manureva employees or their family members

If you suspect a conflict of interest, notify your internal resources right away. This will allow Manureva to manage and resolve the situation appropriately.

Gift and Entertainment

While it may be appropriate to exchange business courtesies in certain circumstances, it is never appropriate to give or receive a gift or offer of entertainment that is extravagant, creates a sense of obligation, or is given with the intent to influence a business decision.

Clients should not generally provide gifts or entertainment to Manureva employees any time.

Bribery, Anti-Corruption, and Kickbacks

No matter where we do business, we are required to follow anti-corruption laws. These include the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) of the United States, the Bribery Act of the United Kingdom, and the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions. We do not tolerate, permit, or engage in any form of extortion, bribery, or corruption. This is true whether you are working with government officials or private-sector individuals.

Here are a few key points to remember when it comes to bribery and corruption:

  • Bribery is the act of offering or giving something of value in order to improperly influence the actions of the recipient. Bribery is prohibited in all Manureva’s locations, and the penalties for offering or accepting a bribe are severe. While working for Manureva, you may never offer, authorize, give, promise, or accept any form of bribe, extortion payment, improper payment, gift, or benefit.
  • A kickback is a sum paid (or due to be paid) as a reward for fostering a business relationship. Accepting or offering a kickback is against the terms of this Supplier Code.
  • A facilitation payment is a tip or small payment given to a government official in order to speed up the processing of a routine government action, such as issuing a permit or providing utility service. These payments are illegal in the majority of jurisdictions and are not permitted by Manureva’s policies.

If you suspect that corrupt practices are taking place in our supply chain, please contact Manureva right away.

Accounting, Records, and Financial Integrity

Manureva relies on its own books and records to report financial results, file required legal documents, and make business decisions. We keep accurate books and records of all our business dealings with our Client. These records must be kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

If you are aware of any actual or potential financial, accounting, or books and records issue involving Manureva, please contact a Manureva resource.

Import and Export Management

Manureva abides by all international trade laws and regulations that apply to our business, and we expect our suppliers to do the same. Remember that import and export regulations cover not only goods but also technology, software, intellectual property, and technical information.

Social Responsibility and Respect

Manureva values diversity and treats team members and partners with fairness, dignity, and respect. We are following all labor and safety laws, to advocate for human rights for all people, and to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. Furthermore, we do not permit, promote, or facilitate any hate-related or violent speech or materials, whether in the workplace or through electronic communications or data transmission.

Non-Discrimination and Diversity

Manureva believes that involving a diverse range of partners in our business is critical to our success. We recognize, adopt, and integrate diversity into our own supply processes and hiring practices, including equal treatment of minority- and women-owned businesses in the supplier selection process.

Furthermore, we base all our employment-related decisions on skills and aptitude, never on legally protected personal characteristics. While these characteristics may differ depending on local law, they typically include:

  • Racial background
  • Medical condition or disability
  • Color
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • National origin or ancestry
  • Age
  • Veteran status
  • Marital status
  • Pregnancy
  • Sexual orientation

Solid teamwork also necessitates that all employees treat one another with dignity and respect. We don’t tolerate workplace harassment or bullying, in particular, sexual, coercive, threatening, abusive, or exploitative behavior (including gestures, language, and physical contact).

Workplace Safety and Health

We provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees that complies with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations. To avoid workplace hazards, you must be proactive. This commitment to safety requires to never tolerate any threats or acts of violence, including intimidation, bullying, and attempts to instill fear in others.

Human Rights and Labor Concerns

We respect everyone’s rights, personal dignity, and privacy. While working for Manureva, you must:

  • Respect employees’ right to freely associate and bargain collectively in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding child labor.
  • Allow all employees to leave their employment freely upon reasonable notice, and never use any forced labor or involuntary prison labor, and
  • Compensate employees fairly and follow local wage regulations or collective agreements; where these do not exist, compensate employees at a level that allows them to meet their basic needs.
  • Make certain that working hours, including overtime, do not exceed the applicable legal limits.
  • Ensure that hiring, firing, and evaluation practices are fair and proper.

Environmental Protection

We are dedicated to environmental protection and governance. All our offices comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and standards at a minimum. This includes chemical and waste management and disposal requirements, recycling, industrial wastewater treatment and discharge requirements, air emissions controls, environmental permits, and environmental

reporting requirements. We run our own environmental management system, which includes environmental impact goals, measures, and controls (including audits), reporting, and training.

Involvement in the Community

Manureva seeks Suppliers who share our commitment to social and economic development as well as the long-term viability of the communities we serve. As a result, we encourage our Suppliers to engage with their communities actively and positively.


All decisions made on Manureva’s behalf must be based on transparency, integrity, respect, communication, and the highest ethical standards. On request, we can communicate our ethical standards record to our client, please contact a Manureva resource.

Communication and Training

We have implemented policies and procedures to ensure compliance with this Supplier Code and all applicable laws and regulations. The following are the responsibilities of management in our companies:

Communicating the Supplier Code’s principles to employees and third-party partners through training, policy, or other messaging.
Managing employee and third-party partner compliance with this Supplier Code.
Promptly reporting violations and concerns to the appropriate contact.
Keeping reports confidential to the greatest extent possible and permitted by law; and
Protecting employees from retaliation for making a good-faith report.

Our management must ensure that their direct reports are aware of these guidelines.

Auditing and Monitoring

We keep honest and accurate accounting and business records. This includes providing adequate documentation to demonstrate compliance with this Code of Conduct. We monitor our own operations through appropriate due diligence, audits, and similar activities.

Obligating to Contracts

These contractual obligations extend to our vendors and subcontractors who collaborate with us. If there is a conflict between this Code of Conduct and a contract, bring it to the attention of your internal resources in Manureva.